Kylie Menz “Cashflow Queen”: Speaker on Online Business Growth, Lifestyle Biz Strategy and Women’s Empowerment

As an accomplished business professional, coach and online entrepreneur, Kylie brings a wide insight, expertise and energy to her presentations. Focused on working less and earning more, Kylie talks about systems, programs and strategies to create cashflow in your business.

With 10 years of experience in the corporate sales world, she turned her expertise to selling high-end online packages and helping women business owners create cashflow in their business, creating lifestyle businesses they love, doing what they love with who they love from where they love.

In every talk, Kylie draws upon her business acumen, passion for freedom and experiences with travel to provide your audience with lively practical information to effect a change in their business and life.

Kylie is happy to design a custom experience if required, including half- to full-day workshops, however sample keynote and working session topics often include:

How to Turn Your Knowledge into Cashflow in 5 Simple Steps
Package Yourself to Create Your Next 6 Figure Income Stream
Systematically Attract Your Ideal Client in 4 Easy Steps

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Praise for Kylie Menz as a Speaker…

“I first met Kylie Menz about 3 years ago at a business event as we both have a property background. Over the years we have bumped into one another but never had the chance to catch up properly. During a speaking event in 2015, I had the pleasure of catching up with Kylie and I was so impressed by her latest business venture that I invited her to speak at my Women In Property & Business Network earlier this month.

Kylie is very genuine and her presentation approach is very down to earth and practical. She engages her audience and comes across authentic with no hard sell and during the event she had many women interested in working with her. I am personally looking forward to taking my business to another level and believe Kylie is the coach who can help me achieve my goals.

If you are seriously interested in taking your knowledge online and looking at a different avenue for your business, then I suggest you get in touch with Kylie for further information.”

Elsie Igbinadolor

“I heard Kylie speak for the first time at the ‘Women Be’ event where she spoke about turning knowledge into cashflow and creating the lifestyle biz you love. She was a very engaging speaker and answered questions from the audience with ease… Kylie is a really genuine and kind person.”

Usha Chudasama

“Kylie Menz is a brilliant speaker – the audience was completely engaged, inspired and motivated during her presentation.

I was totally spellbound by her knowledge, natural flow on stage, experience and expertise.”

Sabrina Ben Salmi

Kylie Menz is The founder of Web TV Show – My Lifestyle Show and is also A Lifestyle Biz Strategist. It was after doing some work with Kylie and found her content to be so amazing that I invited her to come and speak at my Women Be event, this is an event created for women who are looking to start or grow their business.

Kylie did a fabulous job presenting to the group as her talk was very informative and provided valuable content and I received high commendation for her from the women in the room.

It was a group of 50 women and each of them learnt something they were not aware of in regards to strategies around creating and growing their business which was highlighted int the Q&A session with Kylie. I would highly recommend her and have her speak again at other events.

Michelle Watson - Women Be Event