When was the last time you worked on your business and not in your business, and had a whole day with an industry expert?

You may be feeling that working 1:1 with your clients is amazing, but your time is limited and you want to reach a wider audience and make a bigger impact.

Are you ready to stop trading all your time for money?

To truly create the lifestyle you desire with more freedom!

When I first started out, I was working hard, trying everything to build my business online.

But nothing seemed to work.

I remember asking myself what was wrong with me, why can everyone else do it but not me.

I could never seem to sell anything and given my background was in sales this was totally frustrating.

I seem to have loads of different bits going on, but couldn’t get it all to work together.

I discovered not only how to package myself (and my uniqueness), but also how to leverage online systems to create consistent cashflow and more importantly consistent clients.

Working closely with my coach, my business sky rocketed:

A private intensive is designed for women coaches who have been in business a year or 2, and are ready to scale, to take their business online creating courses and programs, plus the systems to support them with a consistent flow of clients.


And I’m here to help. To break the complex down into simplistic and create a personalised plan just for you to create the lifestyle business you’ve always dreamed about.

I’ve designed my intensives to maximise the time we spend together so we can focus on the areas of your business that require the most attention.

Imagine walking away from your private intensive with:

I started working with Kylie after she was recommended to me. I booked a VIP session which really set me up. It quickly help me gain clarity on my course idea and gave me a clear plan of action. I could have tried to go it alone but instead made the right decision to continue working with Kylie.

Kylie and I worked together over 3 months to create a transformational training course. Kylie has a unique way of extracting the gold. She is skilled at guiding and supporting you through the whole course process from idea through to launch. Highly recommend working with Kylie. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Natalie Carthew, Sales Strategist & Mentor

I met Kylie through Collaborate MK, and heard a number of excellent testimonials about the work people had done with her. After a 1/2 initial conversation I asked for Kylie’s VIP day.

A wonderful, cathartic, and energising experience. To sit, without taking any notes, and just pour your ideas out of your head was incredible. Kylie has the amazing ability of taking your ideas, clarifying them and then developing a success plan with you, offering avenues which were previously unconsidered.

This was a really inspirational day, which has structured and inspired future growth plans. Thank you

Michelle Watson

I had the pleasure of having a VIP day with the amazing Kylie Menz coaching me through her Lifestyle Biz Strategies. As a Life Coach, my major struggle was having a hard time charging my customers as I didn’t really see the breakdown and value of what I offered.

After the day with Kylie I not only was able to go in more depth with my coaching program but I was able to add more value to it which gave me the confidence to successfully price my services.

I can tell you that in the space of 3 weeks I was able to get my first paying customer of a £1000 and that is going from charging as little as £200. This is amazing!! Kylie, thank you.

Michelle Watson

So… What’s included in your exclusive intensive?

I have been sitting on my ideas for two years, never really having clarity about how to put them into something real. My contact with Kylie came just at the right time because any longer and I think I may have given up. The VIP day has been life changing for me. I spent the whole day with Kylie, we clicked straight away and by the end of it, I had absolute clarity. Not only clarity, Kylie gave me a step by step plan for what needed to be done. I would have paid much more to get what I got from Kylie and it would have been worth it. I’ve seen other programs that cost a lot more and deliver a lot less.

I’ve decided to opt for Kylie’s one to one program because without her I know I won’t do what needs to be done, I have absolute faith in what she does. I’m just lucky to have found her. Exciting times ahead.

Anna Zannides

Each intensive is tailored to your unique goals and vision for your business. Please book a discovery session to discuss how you desire to use your intensive to maximise results and impact. As our focus is on Business “cashflow” growth, topics could include:

Business Solutions & Strategies Frequently Explored on The Day:

This private intensive is fully customised to your unique needs and desires. So the best way to appreciate whether it’s right for you or not is to book your discovery call with me.

YES KYLIE! Let’s Discuss A “Business Cashflow Intensive” Day.

Every day people in your audience are investing their hard-earned cash in taking their business online through online courses, membership sites and sales funnels with the hopes of overcoming their biggest problems or achieving their biggest dreams.

This is cash that could be landing in your account… but only if you get started creating your packages and online programs now.

Otherwise, that Freedom you’ve always desired will just slip away, the constant chase for clients will become draining and the pressure on you and your family will continue to spiral.

So give yourself permission today to make a change.

Take the first step forward

You don’t need to wait until you’ve hit a certain level in your business to scale quickly

You don’t need to wait until you have a big email list.

And you definitely don’t need to wait for that “magical someday” where your time frees up, the stars align, and somehow all your other worries and responsibilities slip away. (Hint: it doesn’t exist).

If you truly want to grow your business online, impacts the lives of thousands and gives you the freedom to live the life you want, then the ONLY permission you need is the permission to take the time for yourself.

YES KYLIE! I want to invest right now!

Can wholeheartedly recommend a Knowledge to Cashflow VIP Day with Kylie. You are a great strategist and even though I kind of knew what I wanted to do – you got me thinking outside the box, I got clarity and it immediately spurred me to action straight away.

Result? 3 brand new coaching clients who started with me yesterday. So for anyone sitting on the fence wondering… My advice is, go for it.

Nicky Price

Feeling the desire to create more, do more be more. Then this is for you.
It’s time to level up your business.

So What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

We want to make sure the intensive is the right choice for you. Book in for a complimentary session to have your questions answered by Kylie!

PS. My new Business Cashflow Intensives are going global with dates across London, Adelaide, Miami and more to come soon. These are truly designed for the successful female entrepreneur who wants to have a highly profitable business online, with leveraged systems, automated lead generation and consistent financial freedom so that new levels of 5k, 10k, 15k and even 20k month become the norm.

I'm not based in London, what do I do?
No problem, if you can’t get to London we can either deliver the strategy day across 2 skype sessions for ease of time zone differences. Or depending on location may be suitable if I’m heading your way.
I just started my business is a Business Cashflow Strategy Day Right for me?
This is definitely the time to put the right strategy in place to not only save you from making the mistakes other female entrepreneurs have made, saving you both time and money but also to have a clear blueprint of what you need to do gives a sense of direction and purpose to everything you do to fast track your success.
Is this program just for coaches or other women entrepreneurs?
A Business Cashflow Strategy Day is there for one purpose only and that’s to help you grow your business, whatever that may be. It’s about helping you to see the gaps in your business, where you could implement and add cash flow streams plus look at systems and how you can leverage your time.
What if I don't really like or know much about technology?
Don’t be scared, taking your business online doesn’t have to be as complicated as they make it out to be. Many platforms have grown and changed over the years to make things simpler and easier to do the things you need to do. I’ll help with recommendations and advice along the way.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, you may choose to invest either $1500 or 2 payments of $800.


£997 payment in full

Pay in two payments £550.00