Today I want to talk to you about how I went from corporate burnout to global online business coach. 

I hate talking about myself really, I’m a bit of a behind the scenes type of girl, but I’m scaling up my business so it’s time to get a bit more visible. 

Why should you care? 

Well I can help you scale your service based business much faster, in a more leveraged way so you have more income impact and influence. 

Take my first clients, they’ve already gone and done over 500k in three years – not bad.

Another client has created a 100k in less than 12 months. 

And so many more have done their first launches hitting 10, 20, 30k or sold higher ticket programs. 

You see, I’ve done a million dollars worth of sales, before I even started my own business. 

I was in the corporate world of real estate for over seven years, and then I moved on to head hunting for senior roles in the construction industry. 

To say the least, I worked my butt off, long hours, demanding work schedules, millions of dollars of deals done, but I was shattered. 

I was originally coming from Australia to the UK. 

One of my biggest passions was travel, yet when I went down the sales route into my career, whilst I was earning incredible money, I really never had time to use much of it. 

I didn’t have any time freedom, I was totally burnt out and then I hit 40 and it was time for a change. 

You might even know that feeling, right now. 

I looked at my boss one day, he was bragging about getting his free travel card, as he was in retirement zone and he was still coming into work. 

And I was like “hell no, I don’t want to be here in years to come”. 

So I started my online journey, and I went to the national achievers congress – I learned all about affiliate marketing first and understanding the digital marketing tactics to market your business, but I fell in love with the freedom that online courses programs give to people that are getting started. 

I started helping people monetise their knowledge and skills – and I loved it. 

I’ve now created my own system for taking an idea to launch in under 12 weeks; it’s plan, package, promote and then profit. 

Helping you do it faster and much much easier. 

Now I launch clients from 10k, 20k, to 60k. 

From idea to creation. 

But the most important thing I did was I created my own freedom. 

I’ve now travelled to over 45 destinations so far, I’ve been able to work from anywhere around the globe, and now I can leverage my knowledge and skills as well. 

So if you’re ready to stop charging by the hour, maybe working session by session, or maybe you’re even sick of the low ticket offers that never seem to let you hit your income goal – drop me a dm and let’s connect today.

Kylie Anderson, 

Online strategist, award-winning business coach, 

Helping you to turn your existing knowledge and skills into online wealth