I run a six figure (plus) online business called Iconic Wealth International. After over 10 years of corporate sales and running a million dollar sales office in London, it was time to create my own freedom based business. Yep sounds a bit cheesy but those that know me, know I love to travel and spend time between Australia and the UK along with many other countries I’ve visited along the way (over 45 places so far).  

My passion and gift is helping others realise that their “existing” knowledge and skills can be turned into awesome online programs.  This way they can not only scale their businesses but create more TIME freedom and INCOME over the last four years.  I’ve worked with many entrepreneurs to help them launch and scale their first signature programs. You see we start with a signature program so they get known for “one thing” in their marketplace. 

During this time I’ve noticed a specific key issue that stops coaches and service based entrepreneurs from hitting their £100k dream year….

They over COMPLICATE it and wait for everything to be PERFECT (okay well that’s two things, but they go hand in hand!). 

Creating offer after offer, serving “everyone” in the market place – you know the one, trying to “help” everyone!!! Creates overwhelm and procrastination rather than growth and scalability. 

It’s why your content and all the effort you put into your business doesn’t lead to sales! 

Working 1:1 only – also holds you back. Yes I know you love to get the transformations in your clients, but you can do this working in a group format as well with a few changes in the way you work! 

Thinking you have to have a massive audience to get started and waiting for everything to be perfect, or comparing yourself to another in your industry – is also holding you back! 

My most successful clients create an offer their clients will love, get known for a core problem, SELL it first and then start creating it!  

This eliminates the need for “perfectionism”. 

I unpacked the evergreen system to selling your offers first before you start creating them (This hidden method of pre-selling your offers has saved my clients a ton! ). Download the free guide here.

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So what are the 3 Core Shifts you have to make to hit £100k plus in your coaching or service

Shift 1 – Know Your Numbers!

You can’t hit a “target” in your business, unless you know how many clients you need and which products/services you have to sell.

Most are set up to fail in their business – due to their low prices and number of clients required, they often will never achieve the true income they desire.

The first SHIFT I made was I increased my prices – I went to high ticket programs which meant I hit my first target in just 18 clients! 

Shift 2 – Create A Signature Program & Solve A Specific Problem 

The biggest shift I made to double my income to over six figures was to get FOCUSED. Too many are offerings or  too many services, at too low cost and this doesn’t work online.  

The simplest way to grow your income online is to create a SIGNATURE program/system based around your own methodology for getting your clients results. 

Once you have that methodology you can easily put two different levels of service around that program and that’s it! That’s all you need to create a 6+figure business online.

In the free guide below I show you how this works in practice and how one of my clients has now earnt over £500k with this exact method.

Download the guide here – Take a tour into the exact method that has added an additional £500K income to Stephanie. 

Shift 3 – Focused on ME – OWNED MY VALUE 

One of the biggest struggles I see a lot of service based professionals have is appreciating their own value! This is especially prominent in the women that I work with, but still shows up across the board. 

That’s because in society we are constantly educated to be trading our time for money. You are rewarded for hard work, for putting in many hours, working by the hour and charging by the hour!  

The biggest shift you can make in your business is to focus on the transformation you provide (the end result), rather than the amount of hours you work.

Think about how many years its taken to craft your skills, how many job roles and skills you’ve developed over time along with the experiences you have been through, overcome and now share.  The value you have is not only in what you do and how many hours you spend doing it.  It’s the lessons you save them, the mistakes that you help them avoid in turn saving both time and money.

Own your value and expertise.  You are there to fast track your clients progress and ultimate transformation.  Find out how you can grow your business faster with less clients.  Download the free guide – CLICK BELOW.