“I need more clients in my business.” 

This has to be one of the most common questions that I get asked;
How do I get more clients? 

I want to explore the possibility today that you may not need more clients. 

Yes, I said it. 

When I’m asked that question, one of the first things that I want to explore with someone, whether they’re a coach or a business owner, is what are their current services? 

What do you actually offer at the moment? 

What’s your average price point? 

Then I want to find out what income goal they want to hit. 

Most of the time what I see is they’ve actually set themselves up an impossible task. 

If someone is charging £120 per session at the moment & they want to hit six figures, they need 833 clients. 

Or maybe some people buy three sessions each, that’s still 277 clients. 

Either way, they’re pretty daunting numbers. 

I’m pretty good at attracting clients, and even that number scares me. 

So what is the real problem? 

The real problem is they’re often not charging what they’re worth. 

They’re normally charging by the hour or session by session and their income is capped. 

No matter how many hours you work in a week it’s unlikely you’re actually ever going to hit your income target. 

The second problem is you have no way to leverage your time, you’re always working one-on-one. 

The third problem is you’re often under charging for what you do as well. I see this over and over again and especially in business women unfortunately – they have awesome skills, years of experience, many accreditations, qualifications, and yet they’re massively undercharging for their services. Worse still, they often don’t have a way to actually leverage their time or have a system and a process that brings them clients on a regular basis. 

You might be feeling that way right now. 

And there are many ways that you can actually change this, but the fastest way I’ve seen is turn your existing knowledge and skills into a hybrid group online program. 

This combines course content with training, coaching, support and accountability to go with it. 

This helps your clients get results, but in a group format. 

This helps you to move from one to one into a more leveraged way of working. 

And yes you do have the skills, you can share this way, you don’t need to be a guru. 

I mean think about it, there’s a course teaching men how to dance that’s made over £200k online. 

Whatever you do, you can make money. 

I’ve helped property professionals, financial planners, therapists, social media specialists and many more take what they do now one-on-one and turn it into a leveraged online program. 

It is possible, you just need to know how. 

But the first thing is if you’re needing clients, I want you to go back and have a look at your last six months of clients; 

Who were they? 

Where did they come from? 

How did you acquire those clients? 

When was the last time you’re in contact with them? 

And how can you repeat this process? 

Then look at your overall business, is it time for you to maybe create that group program or your first online course working in a more leveraged way, and if so I want you to direct message me and let’s connect, let’s have a conversation.

Kylie Anderson, 

Your online business strategist and award-winning business coach, 

Helping you to turn your existing knowledge and skills into online wealth.