Success Stories are important to me. Getting other people results is the whole purpose of my journey.

See just a few transformations I have proudly created for my clients below.

24 Students in Under 6 Weeks – 6 figure Income Stream Created!!

“Kylie helped us gain clarity around our online course strategy for our business. As busy property professionals we want to create an online course that helps our community to learn from us and share in our success.

Kylie showed us how this can fit into our wider business strategy, plus helped us break down the course and the moving parts required to put it all together.

Kylie came to us highly recommended by someone in the property industry and therefore looked forward to working with her.

We weren’t disappointed, she is a straight talker who understands our industry and gets straight into creating a clear plan to turn your existing knowledge into a valuable business asset.

The potential for us to deliver huge value and have a positive impact on other people’s lives is exciting.

We’ve now launched our program twice and have already created just under £50k income and set to make six figures this year!”

Stephanie & Nicky Taylor, HMO Heaven

launched first coaching program & did £10k sales!

“I was feeling so frustrated before I had my strategy day with Kylie. I had known that the next step for my business was an online course, or a membership, for ages, but I didn’t know what to do next.

Although my corporate career was in Marketing, I felt so overwhelmed by the thought of creating and marketing my own online business. Although I had been taking small steps towards creating a course or membership (and which one was it?), I was undoubtedly taking a scattergun approach and it either would have taken me years to get there – or it might not have happened at all.

 Thank heavens I found Kylie on LinkedIn. I remember reading her profile headline and thinking, “This is exactly the woman I need!” We had a chat and she suggested that a VIP Strategy Day would give me what I needed. I was so excited. In terms of an outcome for the day, I had asked for a strategy and a plan for creating and launching my membership.

 Our strategy day was really enjoyable and I was overjoyed with the results. When I received the report from Kylie the next day, it laid out exactly what content I needed to create and how I would go about marketing my membership. Kylie helped me to answer all the questions I had and more. Pricing, funnels, customer avatar… was all worked out. Now I have a plan and can get on with executing it!  I am so grateful to Kylie, she’s brilliant. She cut through all the chaos and “could dos” in my head and came up with a great strategy and plan that will help me to achieve my business and personal goals. Thank you so much, Kylie!” 

We’ve now launched our program twice and have already created just under £50k income and set to make six figures this year!”

Helen Pollock

High Ticket Program Created & A £47k ($61k) Launch!

“Working with Kylie, Nicky and their team allowed us to fine tune our High Ticket Program into a more structured model (to be used online in the future), for our 90 day coaching program.

In a very short time period,they helped us to get clear on our marketing message and stand out above the “noise” of the crowd online.  Then through a highly targeted launch process we were able to build a highly targeted list and community, which in turn allowed us to have a successful launch of our new program creating an initial income of £47k launch ($61k USD),

The fact we could just hand over all the communication, design and tech stuff to their team was amazing as I could just concentrate on creating good quality content for my program.

It made it simple and easy to launch in a short space of time, with fabulous results, but more importantly have a program we can sell over and over again.”

Stuart Mellody,

First High Ticket Program Created & 5 New Clients!

“The Expert2Impact program was amazing and such a good investment. I started just wanting to generate sales interest but Kylie swiftly got me to think bigger and by week 2 I was planning my own program.

I had wanted to find a way to scale for months and had various ideas but Kylie provided a structure which meant I actually put ideas into action and had my program ready to launch in a matter of weeks.

Kylie has the knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm which will guide you through to your desired end result.

I have already more than covered the investment in Kylie’s program as I increased my rates to over £1500 and have new skills and belief in what I have to offer which I will carry forward into other areas of my business. If you want to achieve results, Kylie will get you there.”

Kate Hoyle Hypnotherapy - Food Freedom in 5 Weeks

First Group Program Created – Increased Fees from £150 to £1000!

3 Brand New Coaching Clients Created!

“Working with Kylie gave me so much clarity about how to create a product that appealed to my ideal client. Kylie has a way of making the scary and complex bits of creating and setting up a product for online sales seem very easy and manageable.

I got clarity on my messaging, the content, the tech bits and the marketing and I was able to make my first sale whilst I was still building it!!

Kylie continually invests in herself and her own business and has learned from all the 7 and even 8-figure earners, so it was reassuring to know that I was getting the very latest information about what is working right now!

If you have a product that is in you – then I can wholeheartedly recommend having a chat with Kylie to see how you can leverage your time, make more sales and serve more people!”

Nicky Price, MeButFree

Fog Lifted & Clarity Around Growth Created!

“Wow Kylie, what can I say?!

As a coach myself, I think I would be my worst possible client. I don’t go easy on myself or others and have high expectations of what can be achieved on a VIP day/coaching session.

I decided to work with Kylie as I have struggled to create a practical strategy for my business that fitted in with the time I have available and my business goals. When I have tried to do this in the past I’ve ended up with far too many pages of notes and no clear way of organising my thoughts – and therefore never actually creating something I feel so connected to.

This is where Kyle has been incredibly valuable. During our intensive VIP session she not only extracted thoughts and ideas I didn’t even know I had, she also pulled them together in a clear concise strategy with a full action plan for me to follow and implement with her ongoing support when needed.

It’s literally like the fog had lifted and I now have clarity of what I’m really trying to achieve in my business. I’m really looking forward to the implementation of the place once I get the presentation with all our work in it.

Thank you Kylie!!

Krushma Makwana, Director, Krush Coaching

First Online Course Created, Launched & Sold Out!

” Kylie Menz helped me launch into the online world which I knew nothing about with my first online course which we sold out.

If it wasn’t for Kylie and her knowledge of online marketing and course creation, I promise, I would be still lost.

Then she helped me create my signature program, PACE program by digging out what I really wanted in a program. She is good at what she does, and she has my full endorsement.

Thank You Kylie for all you have done.”

Kimm Hackett, Starting From Scratch

Exceeded Expectations & Well Thought Out Business Model Created!

“I came to Kylie Menz, The Cash Flow Queen and Lifestyle Business Strategist, because I wanted a clear road map for converting my ideas and knowledge into a product that will transform the pains of my target market.  At first, I wanted clarity around my ideas but my expectations were quickly exceeded as Kylie and I worked together on a highly productive VIP intensive day.

Kylie helped put together a complete and well thought out business model.  After a VIP Intensive Session with Kylie, you will a product you can now create and take to market, with clarity of the value you will be providing to your customers.”

Darren Jones, Digital Marketing Consultant

2 Years Procrastination Into Implementation Mode!

“I have been sitting on my ideas for two years, never really having clarity about how to put them into something real. My contact with Kylie came just at the right time because any longer and I think I may have given up. The VIP day has been life changing for me.

I spent the whole day with Kylie, we clicked straight away and by the end of it I had absolute clarity. Not only clarity, Kylie gave me a step by step plan for what needed to be done. I would have paid much more to get what I got from Kylie and it would have been worth it. I’ve seen other programs that cost a lot more and deliver a lot less.

I’ve decided to opt-in to Kylie’s one to one program because without her I know I won’t do what needs to be done, I have absolute faith in what she does. I’m just lucky to have found her. Exciting times ahead.”

Anna Zannides

Went Onto Create Her First Program!

“My VIP day has been a great help to get me in the right direction.
Starting out with lots of ideas but also lots of confusion, Kylie’s support helped me to get some clearance, but most of all her being very enthusiastic about my ideas gave me a great boost in going forward.

The day itself was fun, interesting with loads of information and the nice thing is that Kylie took all the notes so I could concentrate on listening and absorbing, knowing that she would send over the notes.
Kylie is great in asking the right questions, she knows a lot with she shared happily with me.
It felt more like a day with a friend than being a client.

This day got me really started from just ideas into real action, also trough a lot of knowledge I gained that day regarding the steps involved. I am now ready to launch the first part of my program in September and let it grow from there, thanks to the great advice Kylie gave me.

If you want to speak with me about my experience don’t hesitate to contact me, I am more than happy to talk about it.

If you have any doubts if you should do it, put them aside and just do it, it really really gives you a huge leap forward.”

Leontien Homulle

First Paying Customer at £1,000!

“I had the pleasure of having a VIP day with the amazing Kylie Menz coaching me through her Lifestyle Biz Strategies. As a Life Coach my major struggle was having a hard time charging my customers as I didn’t really see the break down and value of what I offered.

After the day with Kylie I not only was able to go in more depth with my coaching program but I was able to add more value to it which gave me the confidence to successfully price my services.

I can tell you that in the space of 3 weeks I was able to get my first paying customer of a £1000 and that is going from charging as little as £200. This is amazing!! Kylie thank you.”

Michelle Watson

Held My Hand Through the Whole Process!

“I have followed Kylie for a while and have tuned into her inspirational online shows. She seemed the obvious person to work with when I wanted to launch my own online programme.

I found Kylie to be very thorough, organised and motivational throughout the whole process. She broke down the task into easy manageable steps which made the work less daunting. I felt that she was holding my hand every step of the way and that I was being supported.

She is extremely knowledgeable about online marketing and I felt like she really cared that my webinar was a success. It was and it was all because I had such a great guide. I highly recommend Kylie and I look forward to working again with her on my next project.”

Jo Le'Febour

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