I want to share with you an insider secret today to hitting 100k in your business – you don’t need a big audience. 

Everyone teaches you to post loads of free content, spend hours and hours on social media, have a big value ladder, where you’ve got low ticket, high ticket, middle ticket, every other ticket, be everywhere and spin out of control. 

But most go into overwhelm before they’ve even hit their target. 

They don’t even make enough money to pay their bills.

What do you need? 

You need two core things. 

  1. The right audience. It doesn’t have to be big, it has to be the right audience. 
  2. An irresistible high ticket offer. 

When I first started my coaching business and launch agency, I was working lower ticket, trading all my time for money, and only really just surviving. 

I loved what I was doing, I was helping other coaches and service based business owners to monetise their knowledge, and they were making loads of money – but I wasn’t growing my business. 

I was trading too much time for money. 

I was charging much lower prices than the industry average. 

And wasn’t really trusting my own worth. 

I knew that something had to change. 

I was sick of surviving and I wanted to thrive. 

I had my own goals and dreams, just like you do. 

I was helping my clients to make lots of money, but I wasn’t really making enough for me – ever been that way? 

Maybe you feel that at the moment. 

So I did just two things; 

  1. I doubled the prices of my done with you services. 
  2. I worked with less clients and earned more money. 

And that created a leverage program I could now scale. 

I still don’t have a massive list. 

I fail miserably often at social media. 

I don’t have guru status. 

And yet I’ve done multi-six figures in my business, and you can too. 

The key is starting at high ticket rather than low ticket. 

Working with less clients, so you get your money in your account, then you can start to scale, build your audience more, create passive income. 

So if you’re struggling to grow your service based business and you feel you need to shake things up a bit, maybe it’s time to spend a day with me working on your business rather than in your business.

Drop me a direct message, let me help you to gain clarity, increase your prices and scale in a faster way that works for you.

Kylie Anderson, 

Your online strategist and award-winning business coach, 

Helping you to turn your existing knowledge and skills into online wealth.